The Brass Tacks Guide to Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Real estate is one of the absolute best avenues for building wealth on the planet, available to pretty much anyone with the drive and initiative to learn and execute a game plan.  This book not only outlines the many methods of investment but it also details how to create your own real estate business and set yourself up for success!

topics Covered


Education, mentoring hands on learning and setting up your environment.


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Techniques for creating real estate wealth.


Gathering Information, managing your time, making offers, and financing.

Building a Team

Contractors, inspectors, lawyers, property managers, realtors, lenders, insurance agents, and others round out your team.

The Brass Tacks Guide to Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned veteran investor you can take away knowledge and insights from this book that will guide you towards a profitable and productive real estate business.  There is value here for simply supplementing your wealth with a single residential property or for diving in full time and making this your life’s vocation.  

Author spotlight

Thanks for your interest in this first of many Brass Tacks Guides to come. I have been fascinated with real estate my entire career from my teenage years when I studied real estate and worked for an appraiser, to receiving my real estate license at the age of 24, and later opening my own brokerage and investment company, through which I have bought, sold and brokered tens of millions of dollars worth of commercial and residential real estate around the United States.  I hope you’ll join me!


What Our Readers Said About us

This is an inspirational read for anyone aspiring to succeed in an entrepreneurial path. 

Jennifer Wood

I highly recommend this book for anyone considering the entrepreneurial path

Marv Cosmo

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