The Adventure Consultant

The path of an entrepreneur is truly the road less traveled. It’s generally littered with potholes, detours, stop signs, and speed bumps. The entrepreneurial trail can consist of lonely desert highways, congested freeways, and everything in between. In The Adventure Consultant, author Todd Smith takes the reader along on his own entrepreneurial journey, from his struggle to find meaning in the corporate world, to the incomparable feeling of freedom in striking out on his own. He shares his great successes and the crushing failures experienced through the ups and downs of a turbulent economy and the changing times of the 1990s through the present day. His golden retriever, TJ, was with him through many of his entrepreneurial adventures including business dealings in the Big Easy of New Orleans, the mountains of Vermont, and the beaches of Northeast Florida, business schools in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Sydney, Australia, a driving expedition through Latin America, an internship in Chile, travels through Europe, a business plan RV road trip, and a cycling trek across the U.S. from the Atlantic Coast to the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

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