Real Estate In the Post-Covid Era: Interview With Professor Eric Sussman

Covid-19 has thrown quite a wrench into the global economy.  Real estate is a big part of that.  With many workers now working from home, there is less of a need for office space.  And, a huge swath of retail business have gone out of business or soon might.  So there’s pressure on that segment of the market as well.  The hospitality industry has taken a huge blow, one that may reverberate for years. Evictions and foreclosures have been forestalled thanks to government intervention, but for how long?  Will we see another rash of distressed housing inventory?  Or, are investors sitting on the sidelines waiting for some big drop that will never come, and could they pile into the real estate market and actually drive up asset values?  Todd checks in with Professor Eric Sussman from UCLA Anderson and Founding Partner of Clear Capital, LLC for his take on what’s happened and how to navigate these tricky waters. 

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